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• Setting up your account is simple and free of charge.
• A PayPal account is required to create contests.

• Signing up to be a host is absolutely free! Once you sign up, you can create as many contests as you like. Stage Magnet's commission is only $1.00 per every entry ticket sold.
• Stage Magnet does not take any percentage of additional charitable donations that you receive.
• On the payment page of your Amin. control panel, you will find your PayPal gateway as well as periodic statements during the contest, to facilitate your commission payments to Stage Magnet

• By default, contests lasts 90 days from the date of creation. WIthin that 90-day period, you may start and stop voting polls as you like.
• If you prefer to extend the duration of your contest, you may contact Stage Magnet for said customized modification.

• Setup your "Box Office", by setting your ticket price and entering a valid PayPal address where you would like your admissions and donations to go.
• The email of your PayPal account will be used to receive admissions and donations from attendees when they sign up for your contest.
• Please make sure your PayPal account is active and that your user name and password are accurately inputed when you sign up, in order to receive any revenue generated from your contest.
• When guests sign up, they are prompted to pay the ticket price and also given the opportunity to make a donation in the amount of their choice.

• Upload your custom graphic or logo to brand your contest.
• You should also enter a summary, pitch or brief description for your contest, which will appear on the front page of the site.

• Participants get one vote which they can change at any time up until polls are closed. Only the last vote will register as valid.
• Videos limited to 20 MB in size, which is sufficient for a maximum of about 90 seconds in mp4 format.
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